What Would Herman Munster Do?

The following is a case study I wrote in a Marriage and Family counseling class. Some of the terms may be hard to understand if you are not familiar counselor jargon. However, if you remember the Munsters, now you can understand what was really going on in their family. haha! ( Most of the story is completely fictitious, but it is fun to read!)

The Munster Family has come to counseling to seek understanding on how to handle the stress of their marriage, along with understanding Eddies problematic behavior.

The Munster Family, while decidedly odd, have fairly typical family dynamics. Herman, is the sole wage-earner in the family. Lily Munster is the nurturing stay at home mother. While Herman is the head of household, Lily makes many decisions also. Herman and Lilly have an only child, Eddie who desperately wants a little bother. Grandpa, a retired scientist, is Lillys father who lives with them in the basement of their home. Grandpa is considerably close to his daughter and oftentimes feels excluded from the family. In addition, Herman has a twin brother, Charlie, who has is cut off from Hermans parents. 
Against Herman’s wishes, Grandpa has recently built a little brother robot, Freddie, for Eddie. However, Eddie has become resentful and of the attention given to Freddie by his mother. Eddie has been disrespectful to Lilly and will no longer listen to her directions. Additionally, Herman blames Grandpa for the turmoil between Lilly and Eddie.
Presently, Herman’s absent twin brother, Charlie, has coxed Lilly into believing that he is destitute. As result, he is staying at the Munster home against Herman’s wishes. Consequently, Herman has become spiteful of Lilly.
*The first technique in understanding the family dynamics is to construct the Genogram . Within the Genogram I am distinguishing the core issues of the Munster Family. The Genogram will note the adverse family patterns that have been unintentionally passed down to the present day.
*Additionally, while conducting a group family counseling session, I am examining the fusion within the the family dynamic. Considering the emotional reactivity of each person, I will pinpoint the level of self differentiation of each family member. I will also be looking for the possibility of emotional triangles within the Munster family. Noting the nuclear family emotional system, I will investigate the means of communication of each family member. Considering the emotional cutoff of Charlie will be a consideration in unresolved issues between he and Herman. Futher,I will be noting the multigenerational transmission process. Understanding Eddies sibling position will be another objective in understanding this family.
*While noting the fusion in the family, I recognize that Lilly tends to be over-adaptive when under pressure. I also notice the triangulation of Lilly and her father in relation to Herman and Charlie.Assisting the Munster family in transition, I will take an objective stance focusing on educating and reaffirming the family process. 


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